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Mergers and Acquisitions

Taking over another business can be a daunting prospect, your main aim will be to see the process through negotiations, contracts, and financing. However, how do you know that the IT you are acquiring is fit for purpose either currently or in the future?

MSUK do not act as auditors, but we can operate on your behalf to assess the technology systems currently in place with your target company. We can carry out technology-focused due diligence, producing a clear and concise evaluation covering items such as the age of existing systems, use of bespoke software, the need for replacements, compliance, and vulnerabilities etc.

If your target company has a technical team in place we can also carry out a high-level competencies evaluation.

We can assess the cost of bringing the systems up to date and how they can be aligned to your existing business. We will look at the potential of post-sales operational efficiencies and any other benefits that can be gained from the combined operation.

If required, we can then work with you on a Project Management basis to implement the required improvements following the successful acquisition.

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